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Welcome To Fine Ink 
Dr. Phillips - O-Town West

Creating Art, Building Community

Your body art expresses who you are—celebrating defining moments and memorializing past experiences. At Fine Ink Studios, we’ll help tell that story.

Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West

From the moment you walk in to Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West everything is about YOU! We strive to provide you with an exceptional guest experience for your 1st to your 20th Tattoo or Piercing. It’s our goal to work with you to develop a custom Tattoo or Piercing service that celebrates who you are. We want you to have the best Body Modification experience you have ever had, and we have the expertise to make it happen! 

Luxury Tattoo Experiences

From the time you book online to the moment you walk into Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West, you’ll instantly feel like you’re part of the family. Relax in a salon-like atmosphere with friendly artists ready to help you express yourself through body art.
11815 Glass House Lane #140,
Orlando, FL, 32836

+1 (407) 800-0465



Custom Tattoos

Work directly with our expertly-trained professional Tattoo Artists to design a Tattoo completely customized to you! Our Inks are 100% vegan and 100% safe. Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West artists are licensed and certified. We also incorporate a variety of safety measures that go above and beyond Florida’s minimum health and safety guidelines for tattoo parlors. Our expert Tattoo Artists work with you to design the Tattoo that best complement who you are, and who you want to be. Whether you need a small banger or your full sleeve, book an appointment with Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West today.
Our Work

Quality Piercing

A NEW Piercing is a quick way to shake up your look—all with a risk free, semi-permanent Body Modification! That’s what our clients love most: a Clean, Safe and Risk free Piercing. Our Piercing process is 100% safe and 100% Piercing Gun free. Whether you want an updated look or your first piercing, our selections fit any style and budget. We use highly-rated metals for our piercings, including 14K gold and implant-grade titanium. In a nutshell: we do everything we can to help your piercing heal well and look awesome in the future. Talk to Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West about your new Piercing today.

What to Expect At Fine Ink

You’re part of the Fine Ink family

  • Relaxing, spa-like environment

  • Industry Leading Services

  • Free Consultations

  • Highest Quality Customer Service

  • A New and Improved You

Tattoo & Piercing Studio
Near me in Dr. Phillips

Experience luxury, true Customer Service and service customization every step of the way at Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West Our Artists are ready to start working with you to develop your dream Tattoo or Piercing that will have you feeling confident and ready to show off the new you. We are the premier Tattoo and Piercing Studio near Dr. Phillips.

Don't Take It From us 

Book Your Tattoo Today

Book at Fine Ink Dr. Phillips - O-Town West in just minutes.
Just follow 3 easy steps!

Book your Tattoo Online
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Speak with our booking team.
Takes just a minute.
Express your vision and get matched with an artist who will help bring it to life. 
Reserve an Appointment!
Make a deposit, and watch your tattoo vision 
become a reality.
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Walk-in's are also available first come, first served.
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Proper care after getting a tattoo is vital to ensure your tattoo keeps its vividness. We provide several resources about caring for your tattoo and what to expect during recovery. We also offer aftercare packages that provide antibacterial soap and unscented lotion to promote healing without harsh chemicals or fragrances. Your artist will also give you recommendations for proper healing for your specific design.


Tattooing for Minors

Everyone should have the opportunity to create body art that expresses who they are now and who they will be in the future. We follow Florida’s guidelines for safe tattooing for everyone, including those under 18. You must be 16 or older to get body art in Florida. If you want a tattoo and you are between 16 and 18 years old, you’ll need a parent or legal guardian to sign and notarize a consent form and be with you when you arrive at the studio. Make sure you and your parent/guardian bring photo ID—we may ask to prove your identity. If you have any questions about getting a tattoo if you’re under 18, feel free to call one of our studios for more information.

Fine Ink O-Town West

Fine Ink’s newest edition is our best yet, enjoy luxury amenities and a brand new way of being tattooed.
Fine Ink Dr. Phillips focuses on you as a client to create more than just a tattoo, but a tattoo experience. With a viewing bar for friends and
family to spectate,  a full curated art gallery year round, and an exciting new way to capture your first look at your artwork. Fine Ink Dr. Phillips is the place to be for your tattoo experience. 
Dr. Phillips will also include a full retail section to grab your favorite Fine Ink Merch and Fine Ink's new line of Aftercare. 
What about your piercing needs? Fine Ink Dr. Phillips puts a large pride in the quality and healing of your newest additions. Along with retail cases for high end jewlrey, Fine Ink Dr. Phillips is the place to be for your new piercing, or just mix up your style with fresh jewelry. 
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