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Perfect Professional Body Piercing Shop in Central Florida

Quality Jewelry. Safe Services.

Welcome to the Fine Ink family: the premier body art and piercing shop in Orlando, Florida. We bring body piercing to a whole new level. No, we’re not your typical mall kiosk or piercing place. We’re so much more.
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Safety, experience, and hygiene is the name of the game at our Orlando body piercing shops. Instantly relax at our studios while you’re greeted with a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry. We’ll pair you with one of our talented body artists who are trained, licensed, and certified to make you look good and feel great throughout the piercing healing process.

You’re In Good Hands at Our Piercing Shop

High-Quality Materials. Personalized Pieces.

We provide a professional, clean, and safe environment for your body piercing with a wide range of high-end jewelry and trained artists specializing in body piercing. 
Whether you want an updated look or your first piercing, our selections fit any style and budget. We use highly-rated metals for our body piercings, including 14K gold and implant-grade titanium. This type of titanium is nickel-free and certified for medical use by the American Society for Testing and Materials. It’s safe for long-term implantation, made of the same stuff doctors use for pins, screws, and metal plates during surgeries.
In a nutshell: we do everything we can to help your piercing heal well and look awesome in the future.

Body Piercing Styles

You have many creative options when selecting your piercing jewelry. From decorative pieces to classic studs, you don’t need to settle when picking a piece to wear as your piercing heals. You can also rest assured that your jewelry will help promote the healing process, not hinder it. We specialize in many different types of piercings.
Our Professional Piercers specialize in a variety of piercings, including (but not limited to):
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  • Flat

  • Daith

  • Conch

  • Helix

  • Rook

  • Tragus

  • Industrial

  • Forward Helix

  • Nostril

  • Septum

  • Lobes

  • Lip

  • Cheeks

  • Tongue

  • Dermal

  • Nipple

  • Naval

  • Surface

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and let’s discuss creating a customized piercing for you. 
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Salon-Quality Piercing Shop in Orlando

You’re part of the Fine Ink family

We want to take care of you. That’s why we offer the safest, cleanest Orlando body piercing shops around. Our locations and piercers are licensed and certified. We also incorporate a variety of safety measures that go above and beyond Florida’s minimum health and safety guidelines for Piercing Studios. 


Book Your Body Piercing Today

We have locations throughout Central Florida, near many of Orlando’s top tourist districts like I-Drive, 192, and Four Corners. Whether you want a standard navel piercing or are looking to add a rook to your earlobe collection, we’re excited to help you find a new style. 
The first step is to book a consultation. Simply fill out the form below (it takes less than a minute!), and our booking team will reach out to you. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and be matched with an artist specializing in that type of body piercing.
Book your Tattoo Online
 Fill Out Booking Form Online.
Speak with our booking team.
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Get matched with an experienced piercer 
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Walk-in's are also available first come, first served.

Body Piercing for Minors

Piercings can be a lifelong commitment. We want to make sure everyone understands what goes into body modification, especially if you’re a minor. If you’re under 18, you’ll need the Minor Consent Form filled out by your parent or legal guardian and notarized as well as have your parent or legal guardian present with valid ID in hand.

Wondering what Piercings we offer for minors? Call one of our Studios and ask for our Minor Piercing List.  

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