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What to Know About Selecting the Best Tattoo Artists in Orlando

Updated: May 27

Picking a tattoo artist for your next ink is not easy. You need someone experienced in the style you want. You'll also need to choose a clean and friendly studio where you feel comfortable. With so many studios and tattoo artists in Orlando, how do you choose someone who will design your piece exactly how you want it? Here are a few factors

you should consider when choosing a tattoo artist for your next tattoo. 


The most important factor when choosing a tattoo artist is looking at their previous work. You’ll want to choose someone experienced in the style you want and skilled in bringing your vision to life. You’ll also want someone passionate about creating a work of art that you’ll be proud to show off for years to come. 

Many artists have their own social media profiles and regularly share their work on platforms like Instagram. Filter your search with hashtags for the style and location you want. You can find information about the artist that way. Many artists shared photos of their work, or clients tagged the artist. You can also look at tattoo artist portfolios on studio websites, like our gallery at Fine Ink Studios. If you contact an artist directly, ask for examples of their

previous work. Great tattoo artists in Orlando (and beyond) are happy to share their work with you!


Creating a tattoo is a collaborative effort between you and your tattoo artist. Choose an artist willing to work with you to achieve your desired look. They should be easy to communicate with and listen to what you want. They should be able to add their own creative flair to your design and create a customized piece that expresses your personality. It all comes down to trusting your artist to help you create a piece you're happy to add to your collection. If your artist seems to rush you or is set on only doing things “their way,” it’s time to look for a different artist. 

Our team at Fine Ink Studios will help you find the perfect tattoo artist. Book a consultation, share your ideas and/or inspiration pictures, and we’ll match you with a tattoo artist at one of our 17 Central Florida locations.

Certifications and Professionalism 

Your tattoo artist should be licensed and certified. This gives the stamp of approval from an official governing body that your artist knows what they're doing. Tattoo artist training includes taking annual exams on sterilization, cleaning techniques, and avoiding spreading diseases when working with guests. It’s okay to ask the artist to see their license before you start. A professional will be happy to share it. The studio should also be certified, too.

Quality Products and Tools 

It’s easy to spot a professional tattoo artist by their tools. They’ll have deep knowledge of the different tattooing methods and which will best achieve your desired look. They’ll also take precautions to keep you safe while getting your tattoo, like using individual cups for ink, sterilizing equipment, and disposing of used needles properly. They’ll also give you detailed instructions about aftercare for your tattoo to promote proper healing.   

Feedback, Referrals, and Reviews

We all love talking about our tattoos, so if you see someone with a tattoo you like, ask them where they got it done and who their artist was. Make a note so that you can look the artist up later. Reading reviews is also important if it’s your first time at the studio. If you have friends with tattoos (and chances are you do), ask them about their experiences and have them recommend their artist. 

Fine Ink Studios: Tattoo Artists in Orlando and Central Florida 

We have the most talented tattoo artists in Orlando spread across our 17 (and growing) Fine Ink Studio locations. With studios near some of Orlando's biggest tourist attractions and popular destinations, Fine Ink is always just around the corner. When you book a consultation with us, we’ll match you with a tattoo artist who will help you design a custom piece that will have you shouting, “This is sooo me!” 

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